A retreat is probably something you associate with spirituality or rejuvenation. The word alone conjures up images of escape and reflection.

In a sense, although our career change retreats are nothing to do with spirituality or physical wellness, they too focus on escape and reflection.

Those who come along to work with us on changing their career are usually at a point where they crave change. They long for an escape from their current way of doing things, and hope to find something more fulfilling that will add meaning to their days. Usually, creating an action plan to make such dreams a reality requires reflection.

If you’ve never been on a career change retreat, you may just find one extremely useful – assuming you want to change career that is. If you’re looking to avoid the stuffiness of a corporate coach and want to enjoy real change, these retreats offer something you won’t find elsewhere. Such as these benefits below…

Education in a Tranquil Setting

Be still and the answers will come, says the Tao Te Ching.

We believe you can’t find the right amount of stillness needed to reflect on your goals if you’re stuck rushing around on the Central line. That’s why, we choose to run our retreats in places where you’re free from bother, and where solitude comes naturally. The current location we use is a converted artists studio near Hammersmith. There’s plenty of room to sit down, take a deep breath, and make some serious progress.

One-on-One Coaching

Many have said a career change retreat has changed their life. This is probably because nowhere else are you likely to receive such thorough coaching to help you reach your employment goal.

On your career change retreat, you’ll receive smart guidance that will be logical, measurable, and actionable. This advice will be tailored specifically to you, and will help you move towards entering into a field that excites you.

Community Support

On a retreat, you’ll meet many other people on a similar path. Some will be new to the idea of changing career, while others will be seasoned veterans further along the road. We believe this mix gives you everything you need to grow in confidence.

Listen to stories and testimonials from successful changers, and get to know others in the same boat as yourself.

Practical Sessions

While retreats are fun, they’re meant to serve a purpose. When it comes to a career change retreat, the purpose is to, well, help you ease into a new career. That’s why we hold practical sessions that help with everything from CV creation to social media management. You’ll be able to ask questions, and receive advice that only the most canny of jobseekers know.

Yep, It’s The Whole Package

We designed our London career change retreats to be as holistic as possible. The goal is to cover a wide range of topics in order to help you maximise your results. This means we’ve included as much information in these retreats as we can, while also ensuring they help you develop emotionally too.

We believe great things happen when knowledge meets confidence!

Our career retreats can be booked via Eventbrite:  http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/career-design-coaching-7676680219