Every adult will have to experience three major life events at some point or another. They’ll have to move home, find a partner, and get a job.

Unfortunately, the first two life events mentioned in the above list have no shortcuts. Moving house will be a pain however you do it, and Cupid certainly isn’t going to drop Mr. or Mrs. Right onto your lap. No, moving and dating have to be done the hard way. Luckily though, the third life event, getting a job or changing career, does have a drama-free solution. There are ways to edge yourself into a new career without having to take big risks or quit your current job.


Volunteering has many benefits, aside from the altruistic ones. It allows you to get relevant experience. It allows you to pick up new

skills. It even allows you to network. The great thing about volunteering is that it’s flexible; you do it on your own terms. This means you can fit it in on the weekend, or around your current job.

Volunteering in a new field or with a new company can help you open up a host of new doors. You may be offered paid hours with the company you volunteer with, or be recommended by your senior to somebody who can give you a job in your desired field.

Internal Transfers

If your idea of changing career is moving into management or assuming a role with more responsibility, an internal transfer may be just what you’re looking for. The advantage of receiving a promotion or reassignment is that you can probably achieve many of your career aims without having to leave your company.

As one of the biggest risks when changing career is long-term unemployment if the move isn’t carried out correctly, an internal transfer is a great way to move ahead without having to deal with any of the risk usually involved with changing career.

Part-time Study

Our London career coaching company deals with adults of all ages, and we regularly notice a constant theme crop up. Some individuals want to change career, but are afraid to because of the education requirements needed to do so. The idea of going back to college as a mature student or taking time off of work to study can be daunting. Luckily, the rise in part-time learning opportunities means re-educating yourself is easier than ever. You can work or do work experience assignments as you study. In several months, you may well be ready for a brand new type of job.

Work Secondments

If you want to test the waters and see what life is like at another organisation, yet still hold on to your job and the security it brings you, a work secondment may be just what you need. A work secondment involves you working with another organisation in order to further your development or help them cover staff absences. The benefits of doing this are vast. You get to discover what life is like outside your company, and even get to network with new people. If you decide you’d like to transfer permanently, you may find you’re in a good position to do so. The risk of ending up on the losing side by doing this is virtually zero. Impressive reading seeing as there’s so much for you to gain by doing a work secondment.

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